We are happy to announce the addition of several new members to the organization’s board of directors.  Angie Schaefbauer, Marie Olson,  Angie Johnson,  and Denise Pederson Sjoberg were all confirmed to positions on the board over the last two months.  They join our existing 10 board members and  committee volunteers in planning Eagan’s July 4th Funfest, which draws over 60,000 people every year and supports the Eagan Ambassador program year round.

The board recently undertook a major revision to their bylaws and operating mechanisms and has authorized the creation of six new committees: Finance, Strategic Planning, Technology, Marketing/Publicity Communications, Ambassadors, and Operations.

A special thank you goes out to departing board members Jane Pierce, Susan Ryan, and Larry Hilden who agreed to extend their terms until a new board could be populated.  Without their actions the event would likely have ended its fifty year run.